Wyzowl partners with Rapt Media to drive leads, data, and sales

by Jennifer Burak |

We are beyond excited to announce our partnership with Wyzowl, a UK-based market leader in animated explainer video production. Since 2011, Wyzowl has created over 2,000 videos for over 1,000 companies in over 40 countries worldwide.

Market leader in animated explainer video production

Wyzowl is one of our niche service partner providers that has proven their expertise with Rapt Media’s platform by creating innovative, user-driven interactive video experiences for their customers. Wyzowl designs these experiences to deepen engagement through choice-driven relevancy. In addition to creating branching video paths, Wyzowl adds choice points that drive lead capture, survey insights, and sales conversions, all of which can be used by their customers to uncover business value they can capitalize on.

Solutions, user experience, behavior, and data

Like all of our partners, we carefully selected Wyzowl because of their proven ability in providing a solutions versus just a communication. Their depth of understanding in user experience versus linear storytelling is another reason. Wyzowl understands the power of explainer videos to drive engagement and learning. They also understand the need to involve the audience to become users to drive behavior, data, and insights. Their above expertise married with their creative direction, script writing, graphics, and animation make them a powerhouse partner.

Their offering—available as interactive, user experience videos—includes:

  • Animated explainer videos
    An explainer video helps people understand your product or service in 1 to 2 minutes. This will help increase conversions, sales, and reduce support calls.
  • Mobile app demo videos
    A mobile app video demonstrates your app. This can be as a walk-through or show off core features. This helps people understand how it works before they download or buy.
  • Web app demo videos
    A web app videos is an excellent way to demonstrate key features of your app. This will help people get the answers they need and reduce support calls to your team.

Check out the interactive demo below to learn more about Wyzowl's offerings and see their work in action.

So, now you can see why we're so thrilled to welcome Wyzowl as a Rapt Media partner! To learn more about Wyzowl and their interactive video offerings, check out their website here.

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