Perlow Productions and Rapt Media team up to digitally transform video

by Jennifer Burak |

Rapt Media is delighted to announce our partnership with Perlow Productions, a video production company based right outside of Philadelphia with 15+ years of experience in creating high-quality video productions for clients specializing in technology, finance, hospitality, pharma, and manufacturing. Our partnership will enable Perlow Productions to build user-driven video experiences for their trusted customers to drive deeper consumer education and accelerated behavior change.

Interactive video use case expertise

Perlow Productions has expertise with Rapt Media's platform, creating innovative, user-driven interactive video experiences for some of their customers like this multi-national computer technology company. Perlow Productions designs these experiences to deepen consumer education through a video experience the user gets to navigate by choosing what is most relevant to them and and at their desired pace.

Rapt Media selected Perlow Productions as a production partner provider because of their proven track record with creating consumer and employee education/explainer videos for their wide array of customers including Subaru, The Okonite Company, TIAA-CREF, Rutgers University, and CATS Technology Solutions Group to name just a few. Perlow Productions will focus their efforts and interactive video expertise around the following use cases;

Human Resources

  • Recruitment Education
    • Candidate applications
    • Candidate assessments
  • New Hire Onboarding
    • Company, Org Structure & Values Training
    • Product/Service Training
    • Operational/Workflow Training
    • Benefits & Employee Handbook Overview
    • Employee Handbook

Product, Marketing & Operations

  • Customer Education
    • Lead Generation
    • Accelerating Pipeline
    • Driving Sales
  • Customer Onboarding
    • New Customer Satisfaction
    • Customer Loyalty
    • Upselling & Cross-selling

To learn more about Perlow Productions and their interactive video offerings, visit or email

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