Insitu Digital and Rapt Media partner to create inspiring learner experiences

by Jen Bergen |

We're thrilled to announce that London-based learning agency Insitu Digital has partnered with Rapt Media as part of a strategic agreement aimed at bringing learning and engagement opportunities to clients across the world.

Insitu Digital provides bespoke digital learning solutions to companies across the globe. The agency builds learning and development programmes from the ground up, meeting the individual goals of its clients. This ranges from breaking down complex medical information into easy-to-understand modules for sales teams to turning old training programs into new digital training initiatives that can be distributed across a company’s learning management systems.

By combining Rapt Media’s interactive video platform and Insitu Digital’s strong background in video production and expertise in science-based learning, Insitu will be able to offer more in-depth learning programs that resonate with learners.

The expectation for cutting-edge technology in the workplace increases as more digital natives enter the workforce each year. A 2016 survey by PwC found that millennials already form 25 percent of the U.S. workforce, a figure that is greatly increasing each year. To keep the attention and engagement of the next generation, companies must invest in technology from their workstations right through to their training.

  • 25% - In 2016 digitally native millennials make up a quarter of the U.S. workforce
  • 50% - By 2020 it is estimated that half of the global workforce will be digital natives
  • 59% - The percentage of millennials surveyed who said state-of-the-art technology was an essential requisite for job selection
  • 35% - The percentage of millennials who listed excellent training and development programs as the most important factor in making an organization an attractive employer

Founder of Insitu Digital, Paul Newman, said the agreement means the company will be better placed to solve one of the industry’s greatest challenges: engagement.

“This agreement means that we will now have access to a fluid and effective piece of technology that has seen millions of dollars’ worth of investment and development," Newman said. "The platform will allow us greater freedom to diversify our e-learning programs, meaning we will be able to create learning experiences rather than simply learning content. These experiences will result in a more engaged learner; therefore our programs will be more effective and provide a better service for our clients.”

The agreement is part of a wider strategy of digital transformation, enabling the companies and their clients to leverage digital technologies to innovate their business and operating elements.

Erika Trautman, CEO and founder of Rapt Media, said the agreement brings exciting opportunities for both companies.

“We are excited to see Insitu Digital expand the number of companies successfully using interactive video to create learning experiences that resonate deeply with learners," Trautman said. "This will increase operational efficiencies to the enterprise and is an example of true digital workplace transformation. 

"The healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical sectors are areas where we believe there is a great opportunity for digital learning through interactive video. The combination of our technology with Insitu Digital’s experience and expertise in these sectors is what made this strategic partnership so attractive.”

So, now you can see why we're so excited to welcome Insitu Digital as a Rapt Media partner! To learn more about Insitu Digital, check out their website here.

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