Industry Insight: Forbes gives us 3 reasons why interactive content is best

by Jen Bergen |

Interactive content is more than an industry buzzword, but many brands are still struggling to define its real value. Why should you move from passive content to interactive content? Why interactive content? Three simple reasons: Boost engagement, increase brand loyalty, and give your audience a reason to spend more time on your website. This article from Forbes shares one perspective on these reasons, and here’s why we think they’re worth paying attention to.

Boost engagement with your audience

Interactive content makes the story relevant at a personal level. As Forbes’ Yoav Vilner states in the article, humans want to be part of a story and want to feel connected — it’s in our DNA. So marketers need to develop ways to make the individual feel like they are connected to what’s happening on the screen.

A great example: Have you noticed the increase in online quizzes lately? Have you discovered your ‘80s theme song? Or shared what your spirit animal is with your Facebook friends? That’s because quizzes are one of the interactive content trends that is working for marketers. By using quizzes, the brand is able to capitalize on the audience’s interest. (Shameless plug: We recently hosted a webinar with Boombox about quizzes and interactive content. View the live webinar recording here.)

Increase brand loyalty

Marketers know that content must be customized, but we have slowly gotten in the habit of customizing for channels — not individuals. We understand that the content that works well on Facebook may not work as well as a blog post. Channels are easy to customize for — it feels like more work to customize content for an individual. But if marketers can shift how they are spending money on creating content for each channel and instead focus on creating interactive content, they will see an increase in brand loyalty as a result.

How? Let’s connect the dots:

  • There is a direct relationship between user engagement and repeat visits to a website.
  • The more a user participates with your content, the more engaged they are.
  • When interactive content is more engaging, it will lead to more repeat visits.

Brand loyalty is formed through connections with individuals. Engaging, interactive content helps form those connections.

Improve how users spend time on your site

Marketers love metrics. When things are measured, it’s easy to report on the success of a program. As the article suggests, which we strongly agree with, one metric to pay attention to is the time spent on the website. If a brand is telling a story that the audience connects with, it’s a no-brainer that they will spend more time on the site. People bounce around online, spending less than a minute on a web page. How can we get them to settle down and stay for longer? The answer lies in creating interactive stories that resonate with them.

When you think about interactive content, try to focus on the reasons why you need it: To boost engagement and increase brand loyalty. Use interactive content as a way to give your audience a reason to spend more time on your website. It’s all about connecting with your audience. Do you agree?

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