Deliver more impactful corporate training with interactive video [LIVE WEBINAR]

by Jen Bergen |

Improving on learner engagement and knowledge retention are two of the most common pain points facing our customers today. Sound familiar? E-learning and training professionals are always struggling and striving to find better ways to drive retention and engagement.


Interactive video: Drive learning retention and measurable business value

by Erika Trautman |

This story was originally published via Learning Solutions Magazine.

As an eLearning professional, you strive to find better ways to drive learning retention—teaching audiences so they’ll absorb and remember information. But eLearning practitioners are evolving from teaching by talking at their audience to teaching by involving their audience. And what better way to involve your audience than by offering them an experience they can interact with?


From the Product Desk: Click-Through Mode enables editing in preview

by Caleb |

Hey, everyone! I’m firing off a quick update from the Product Desk here at Rapt Media to tell all our content creators about a cool new feature we’ve added to our Composer: Click-Through Mode.


Not all interactive video solutions are created equal

by Erika Trautman |

Not all interactive video solutions in the marketplace today are created equal—especially when it comes to their ability to deliver measurable return on investment. Before we get into the different types available, let's establish why you should care about interactive video in the first place.


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